RWBY Volume 8

Animated Web Series | Rooster Teeth Productions

Job Title: 3D Animator (Remote)
Worked closely with episode director and supervisors
● Animated characters with given mocap data
● Hand key animated character facial performance
● Animated and Quality Checked at least 40 seconds single/multiple characters scenes every two weeks
● Managed tasks on Shotgun

Monsters in the Dark

A 4-minute 2D+3D animated short | Student thesis project | Academy of Art University

Director & Producer: Apollonia Thomaier
Production Team: Aizen Chiu, Tina Huang

Job Title: Production Coordinator
● Explored pipeline and allocated resources with director
● Communicated across departments
● Managed Shotgun and wiki page
● Scheduled meetings and tracked progress
● Took notes during meetings and distributed
● Managed and organized project files on Box
● Maintained team vibe